Neteller Payment Method

The fast changing technology has seen many business moguls, and job creators take their services online. This step has over time created the need for online fund transaction that is ideally safe and secure. Neteller, a renowned fast, reliable and straightforward cash transfer service provider has been providing individuals and businesses with online money transfer services for over a decade. Being one of the world’s largest companies for independent money transfer, Neteller processes transactions worth billions of dollars annually. Its services are accessible in well over 200 countries across the globe, and the number continues to grow each year. Apart from its simple method of operation, Neteller has numerous benefits that have made it a preferred transaction method for several casinos.

==How to Sign Up for Neteller Account==

To be able to use the services, you must go through a simple sign-up process. On your browser, visit Neteller website and click on the “Join For Free” link. You will be asked to fill registration form that requires your biodata. Once you are through with entering your data in the fields provided, hit the “Open Account” button. Ensure you note down the Neteller Secure ID that appears on the subsequent screen then log in to your email to confirm your Neteller account. An admin will go through your data and approve your account within two hours.

==How Does Neteller Work?==

Neteller allows you to choose a preferred currency from a list of 26 dominant currencies. Once you sign up, you can then load money into your Neteller account from a Credit/Debit card, bank or via 40 other methods. Based on your country and the payment method, the transaction can either be instant or take a few hours.

Once you successfully load money into your Neteller account, you can use it to pay merchants, send it to other customers using the Neteller services, or spend it at any retailer that accepts Neteller prepaid card. Likewise, you can also receive money directly from merchants using Neteller accounts, gambling winnings merchants, proceeds of video-gaming trading, and insurance payouts. To withdraw cash from your Neteller account, you can do it through bank transfer, Neteller’s Net+ Prepaid Master card, cheque, or mobile money transfer.

==Merchant Benefits of Neteller==

Neteller offers an array of benefits both to the new sign-ups and regular users. Some of the benefits you will get from Neteller are as follows:

*No chargeback risk. All the funds that you receive via Neteller are 100% reimbursed and secure.

*Acquisition of new customers. Neteller gives you an opportunity to expand and increase acquisition of customers in the global emerging markets including the areas of high risk.

*Recurring payments. As a merchant, you can set up a subscription plan and enroll members then eventually have charges applied against their accounts at a predetermined interval without manual input.

*High conversion. The system does not involve any redirection. As such, the customer only needs a valid email address and a password to make a payment.

*Multi-currency solution. Neteller uses a single MDI to settle 26 different currencies giving you numerous options to consider when transacting.

*Extra Services. Neteller has 24/7 customer support that can practically help you expand your billing team.

==Neteller VIP Option==

Anyone holding a valid Neteller Account can qualify for a Neteller VIP status upon making eligible transfers summing up to $010,000 or more in a calendar year. Once you reach this minimum requirement, Neteller will grant you a VIP status within 60 days. Neteller VIP has five distinct levels.

*$10,000 or more- Bronze Level

*$50,000 or more- Silver Level

*$100,000 or more- Gold Level

*500,000 or more- Platinum Level

*$2,000,000 or more- Diamond Level

==VIP Benefits==

Being a Neteller VIP account holder comes with a chain of benefits. These are as follows:

*The limit increase is guaranteed. If you attain the Diamond, Platinum or Gold VIP status, you will be instantly qualified for higher limits on all your transactions.

*ATM withdrawal limit. Bronze and Silver VIPs can withdraw up to $1,000 per day. Diamond, Platinum, and Gold VIPs can withdraw up to $3,300 per day.

*Flexible transaction limit. The VIP transaction limits keep growing and may be raised as necessary.

*Money transfer for free. Those with Silver and above VIP status can send money anywhere around the world for free.

*Supportive VIP Manager. The VIP manager is capable of helping you with any concern in your language

*Anniversary and Lottery Rewards. As a Neteller VIP, you can earn Reward points whenever you make transactions and eventually redeem them for cash. Moreover, the company credits an annual bonus annually as long as you are a member.

==Casinos Offering Neteller Services==

Since its conception in 1999, Neteller becomes one of the most payment options for online gambling sites to the extent of offering its services to over 85% of casino operators. Some of the famous casinos that use Neteller are:



*Karamba casino


*888 Casino

*Casino Tropez

*Casino Las Vegas

*Winner Casino

*Titan casino


With Neteller, you need to worry no more as your money is always safe online.

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