Travel Guide to Nairobi, Kenya


Have you ever traveled to Nairobi, Kenya? If no, are you planning to visit the green city under the sun, Nairobi? If no, you are missing great experiences. Nairobi is East Africa’s most cosmopolitan city under the sun. I have lived in Nairobi city for 15 years, and I know different aspect to consider when you visit the renowned city in the East and Central Africa. Before you decide to tour the city, you must consider carious aspects such as visa, food and accommodation, currency exchange, and place to tour.

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenyan Visa

There are high probabilities that you might call for a visa when you travel to Nairobi since this visa will greatly help you in your travel. Most nationalities can access their visa by applying for it when they arrive in Kenya. Click on this website in case you are interested to know the nationalities that require a visa.

  • Kenyan transit Visa is about $10
  • Multiple entry tourists Visa is about $50 or £30, and this will help especially when traveling in East Africa.
  • Single Entry Tourist Visa is about $25 or £20, and it is valid for three months.

Besides this, you have a chance to print pit the visa form so that you can experience a speedy visa preparation upon your arrival. In this case, you will have to fill out the printed application form, a landing card, providing photos or passports, and finally paying for the processing of the card based on the visa you need.

Flying into Kenya

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is the East and Central Africa’s biggest and busiest airport you will use to land in the country. Although you might experience delays due to its congestion with travelers because of lack of airflow, it is considered as the best and functioning base for the international airlines and domestic carriers. The airport is the travel hub for East and Central Africa when you will be required to land in Nairobi then you choose either to remain in the city or travel to other East and Central countries.

Getting out from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Nairobi City

JKIA is located 30 minutes drive-away distance on the outskirts of the Nairobi city, and the driving duration depends on the traffic condition. Taxi is the major option when you want to get into the city. A taxi from the center of the airport charges between 1000-2000 Kenyan Shillings depending on the place you want to be dropped in the city. Several taxi companies offer the service, and some of the common companies include Jatco Radio Call, Kenatco Taxis and Jimcab. You can apply online to get the service.  For example, you can reach Jatco Radio Call by calling 020 4446096 or emailing then though Negotiation is essential before you reach the price. Also, it is a good idea to inquire about the correct location by giving the place of accommodation or guest house from the airport authority to know the estimated cost of the fare.

Kenyan Money

Kenya uses Kenyan Shilling currency abbreviated as KES. 1USD is equivalent to 98, and the conversion rates change any time due, and it is also based on the bank’s conversion rate. Check the conversion rate here exact exchange rate. Conversions are done by banks and ATMs. There are several ATMs and Banks in the Nairobi city. ATMs are the easiest way to get the local currency. However, if you walked with cash foreign currency, you can opt for Forex bureaus that are located almost everywhere in the city. You can get Forex Bureau in banks or in Malls across the city.

Forex center showing exchange rates

Accommodation in Nairobi City

Accommodation service is an essential aspect you consider before traveling. Nairobi offers plenty of accommodation services to all its customers. Most of these accommodation facilities are privately owned providing the best services you would appreciate. There are some places you can get cheap accommodation. Others have moderate accommodation services while others have expensive accommodation services. Every one of us will prefer a clean and favorite accommodation location.

One of the cheapest places you can get accommodation is the Kenya Youth Hostel. The accommodation ranges between $6-$10 per night, and this service involves a shared bed and a communal washroom. Wildebeest Camp is another moderate place that goes about $10 per night. Bush House is my best experience that offers beds for $12. They also offer private rooms that cost $25-$40 per night with good accommodation services. You can check Upper Hill Campsite for more services offered by the hotel. Besides, Nairobi supports different guest houses that involve a bed and a self-service breakfast. Such guest houses cost $30-$60 per night.

Eating in Nairobi

It is in every ones’ mind that food should be the first priory that food and accommodation should be considered before landing. Nairobi is one of the best cities in Africa that offers a variety of foods and drinks ranging from roasted meat (commonly referred to as nyama choma in the local dialect), different cuisines to African tea. Local Kenyan foods include ugali, sukuma wiki (also called kales or collard greens, beans, chapattis, roasted meat (nyama choma), fish, and tea (chai).

The price of foods varies depending on the eatery joint you choose to have. For example, street style foods can go for $1 per meal but can go between $5-$10 for good restaurants offering good foods and drinks. A 500 ml of beer goes for $1-$2 in a local pub, but the price goes up for other high-end restaurants.

Different common and delicious foods you will get in Nairobi

Tourist Attraction Sites

Nairobi offers different attraction sites such as Nairobi National Park (NNP), Nairobi Elephant Orphanage, Museums, and among other attraction centers. The entrance fee for the NNP is $40 per day although seems expensive. The cost of entering a museum or a monument ranges between $5-10$.

Nairobi National Park


Nairobi has great things to offer for any interested tourist. You are free to travel knowing that you will be entering a land of experience. I believe this article will provide enough information you will need for your Nairobi travel guide. Enjoy your travel in the capital city of Kenya.

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