3 of the Least-Expected Wins in Online Poker History

3 of the Least-Expected Wins in Online Poker History

Playing online poker is generally full of fun especially to players who keep the house edges low. There are those who seem to understand the rule of the game and as such, make pretty good money from poker houses. Such people’s wins are most often predictable, putting them in a class of online poker gurus. On the flipside, there are those who seem to always lose to the poker houses and in case they win, they do it with a smaller margin. This article takes into consideration three such least expected wins in online poker history.

Qui Nguyen

Qui Nguyen, at the age of 39, joined the world’s list of top poker winners after a match that went for eight solid hours. His winning of the 2016 main event of World Poker Series saw him earn his very first WSOP bracelet. Additionally, he carried home $8,005,310. It is notable that at the time of winning this championship, Nguyen was predictably the most unlikely champion. The highest amount he had even won in history as a poker player was $9,029. He also lacked the level of experience that would be considered necessary at the final table. On the contrary, Joseph, one of his main challengers, had so far won two WSOP bracelets and a lot more accomplishments in earlier tournaments. To be crowned among top winners at an event that attracted 107,844 entrants is for sure no mean achievement.  

James Piccolo

James Piccolo, formerly a Dumont man, moved to Las Vegas in 2015 with the aim of becoming a professional poker player. Despite spending much time playing poker online while at Las Vegas, he had never been lucky to win anything big. To be precise, the highest amount Piccolo ever won was $5,000. He, however, experienced a paradigm shift of events upon getting back to his Dumont roots at a time when his dad was due for surgery. Just a few days upon his return, Piccolo was $100,000 rich thanks to the poker game. He had been playing for a couple of hours when he saw a pop up that him, together with two other players, were slotted to play a $120,000 game. Despite the teasing from his brother, Piccolo managed to concentrate in the game, knocking out the first opponent barely within ten hands. A few minutes into the game, his remaining opponent put a queen and a 7 and Piccolo called him with King-7, and alas! He unbelievably won the game just within 15 minutes of playing.

Christopher Sand

2016 remains historic for Christopher Sand as he won his first gold bracelet. He braved his way through and featured among the 26 shortlisted finalists, taking the first seat in a table of nine players. Even though he appeared as an unlikely winner of the match that had attracted well over 730 entrants, he smartly played his cards to emerge the winner, carrying home $75,157 cash prize. This amount marked the biggest cash ever won by the Chicago native in his career as a poker player. It was also his very first victory related to WSOP.

Online Poker is a game chance. A little blend of luck and skills can always play up to the advantage of the least expected winners.  

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