Why there is Free Hosting but No Free Offshore Hosting

Getting service for free is always pleasing, but it is not advisable when it comes to hosting a Website. Having a free Website hosting may sound appealing. However, the free hosting may come to haunt the Website owner later. Every Website must be hosted, and there are various ways to host a website such as dedicated hosting services, virtual private servers, cloud hosting services, and among others. The choice of the type of hosting depends on an individual or a company. A person or a company can go for a free web hosting or consider an offshore hosting based on different reasons discussed here.

The reasons why there is free hosting but no free offshore hosting are based on the following:

  • Cost and speed
  • Freedom
  • Regulations
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Customer Service

Costs, speed, and security

Some individuals will consider a free hosting due to the financial strains while others will need premium services to receive the best assistance. For example, some customers may need premium Web hosting with secured technology and SSD hard standards for fast loading of their Websites and proper optimization, administration, and support.

Freedom, regulations, and privacy

Offshore web hosting is not free because individuals and organizations are free to share what they have. However, Local web hosting or free web hosting providers can block the Website content especially when they are not acceptable by the government due to security issues. Offshore hosting is also connected to some privacy since you have paid for the service compared to free web hosting.

Customer Service

Free hosting is related to poor customer service. For example, if the website goes offline, you will need to contact the hosting company for assistance, and the response can take several days since you are on a free service. However, an offshore hosting will receive quick feedback from the customer service since the website hosting has been paid.


There is free hosting since different services such as customer service, security, privacy, protection, and among others are not offered. Offshore hosting is not a free service since such services are provided after payment thus providing the best Web services. 

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